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At the Vine Medical Center, we provide a wide variety of services. Check out some of these services.


We will help you manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.
with the right medication and through regular checkups.


At our office, we offer advanced monitoring technology to diagnose and manage clinical sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Our medical professionals are highly trained to offer specialized services to alleviate symptoms and restore restful sleep to our patients.


Today, many people are struggling with obesity. Even with exercise and healthy diets, some struggle to lose weight. To help our patients in this area, we use the wonderful Zerona solution to help you lose fat and inches without surgery, pain or recovery time.


As spring goes into full bloom, people with allergies suffer a great deal. Yet, there are others who fight a different battle with certain foods or airborne particles. If that is you, we can help identify the things that trigger your allergy and figure out a treatment plan.


Getting the flu vaccine is your best bet for avoiding the flu. You are not only protecting yourself from the virus, but everyone around you! For your convenience, we offer flu shots in our office during normal business hours.


EKG is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. It is an important part of the initial evaluation of a patient who is suspected to have a heart-related problem.

Dr. Ehab Hanna

Your Primary Care Physician

As an internal medicine physician, my philosophy is holistic. I listen to their story and try to understand their concern. I also believe that educating my patients about their health is very important because they can act as partners with me in their treatment.

Ehab Hanna, MD

What our Customers say about us:

Rhonda Taylor
Rhonda Taylor
15:47 29 Feb 20
If you know something is wrong but don't have any idea what it is, Dr. Hanna is probably the best diagnostician I've... ever seen. He's thorough and he doesn't make you feel like you're on a timer. He takes his time with his patients. He treated my husband and I was so impressed with him because he immediately recognized illnesses that other doctors missed that I started seeing him myself. It's not good to be sick but its worse when you're sick and no one can tell you what's wrong. I highly recommend Dr. Hanna. His facility has equipment that I've never seen in other primary care offices. Expect to be there a while because thoroughness takes time. I found his staff to be very kind as well.read more
Pamela McIntire
Pamela McIntire
19:08 13 Feb 20
Dr. Hanna is fantastic and thorough. Yes you will have to wait but I am okay with that, because I know he is giving his... patients the best care. I finally have found a doctor that listens to me.read more
Courtney Raines
Courtney Raines
21:02 14 Nov 19
I was planning to put 4 stars but only because the waiting in the lobby for two hours past appointment HOWEVER ehab is... an amazing quick thorough doctor and is good with the small talk to make you less nervous he found maybe 5 or 6 things to help us with and ran the tests that very trip that we didn't even know about and the staff was great I would call out one nurse in particular for being extremely sweet and courteous if I had caught her nameread more
Ava Mason
Ava Mason
00:58 20 Jul 18
Maes alimayu
Maes alimayu
13:32 23 Jun 18
Nice clinic and Dr. Ehab Hanna is good, the waiting is long but meeting with a good Doctor at the end is great.
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